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What’s New: The International Air Transport Association (IATA) continuing concern over GPS/GNSS disruption.

Why It’s Important: Major airlines have a lot of influence with decision makers in governments. IATA is one of their forums to discuss policy and action.

What Else to Know: 

  • IATA identified this as an urgent issue to the United Nation’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in September of 2019. As part of that, they identified the 2019 near loss of a passenger aircraft in Sun Valley that we reported on as an example of dangers.
  • In October 2019 ICAO advised its 193 member nations that addressing spoofing was an urgent safety priority.
  • Unfortunately, ICAO and other international bodies can only make recommendations to their members. They have no enforcement power.
  • Worldwide the problem has gotten worse.
  • While IATA can provide a forum for discussion and communication, what its member companies will individually and collectively do when dealing with governments and the public will likely have the most impact.


Airline industry to meet in January over GPS spoofing spike

GENEVA, Dec 6 (Reuters) – Global aviation industry leaders will meet in January to discuss safety concerns around increased GPS interference by cyberattackers steering planes off course, an International Air Transport Association executive said on Wednesday.

Global Positioning System (GPS) spoofing has spiked in recent months, using counterfeit signals to alter perceptions of time or location, posing a threat to planes, ships and the military.