Policy Recommendations for GPS/GNSS*
"Speaking Up for GPS Users"

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Protect the frequencies by preventing interference

  • Establish a national capability to detect & rapidly locate jamming
  • Make anti-jamming and anti-spoofing laws enforceable at all levels of government
  • Ensure enough enforcement personnel to detect, prevent, respond to and prosecute jamming
  • Modernize the Communications Act of 1934 to better enable enforcement of sanctions against intentional interference, jamming/spoofing
  • Ensure authorized transmissions in adjacent frequency bands do not exceed highest power provided for by industry standards

Toughen receivers with readily available technology

  • Use receivers capable of resisting jamming, spoofing, adjacent band interference, other disruptions in critical infrastructure and applications.
  • Establish as an industry best practice having more than one source of precise Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) for critical infrastructure
  • For critical infrastructure that uses space-based PNT, establish as an industry best practice being able to continue normal operations in the event of an extended GPS/GNSS service disruption.

Augment services with difficult to disrupt terrestrial signals

  • Provide a wireless, wide-area, difficult to disrupt, diverse PNT service to augment GPS/GNSS.
  • Encourage development of numerous, complementary terrestrial PNT services to increase resilience (integrated radar, local positioning systems, inertial, etc.)

*Thanks to Dr. Brad Parkinson for his inspiration and leadership that lead to development of these recommendations.