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Protect, Toughen, Augment*

Protect GPS/GNSS

  • Recognize PNT as critical infrastructure
  • Designate and empower a lead federal official
  • Protect the adjacent bands to GNSS as “Quiet” neighborhoods
  • Make ownership of jammers a misdemeanor
  • Make use of jammers a felony
  • Make anti-jamming and anti-spoofing laws enforceable at all levels of government
  • Establish a national system to detect & rapidly locate jamming
  • Ensure sufficient enforcement personnel to detect, prevent, respond to and prosecute jamming

Toughen Receivers & Users

  • Develop standards for jam-resistant receivers to include ARAIM and RAIM
  • Establish as an industry best practice having more than one source of precise Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) for critical infrastructure
  • For critical infrastructure that uses space-based PNT, establish as an industry best practice being able to continue normal operations in the event of an extended GNSS service disruption.

Augment GPS/GNSS Services

  • Provide a wide-area, difficult to disrupt, diverse non-space PNT service (GPS-Earth/eLoran)
  • Develop standards for seamless use with space-based PNT
  • Encourage development of numerous, complementary terrestrial PNT services to increase resilience (integrated radar, local positioning systems, inertial, etc.)

*Adapted from presentations and positions advocated by Dr. Brad Parkinson and discussed at the US government’s Position, Navigation and Timing Advisory Board. The Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation heartily supports these proposed policies and initiatives.