Several days ago we reported on how Chinese authorities had apparently suspended GPS jamming and spoofing in the port of Shanghai so that an amazing New Year’s Eve drone show with 2,000 flying in close formation could proceed. Video of the show was shown on China TV stations and can be found on the internet.

Turns out that folks in Shanghai on New Year’s Eve didn’t see the drone show.  BBC News reported that the show was performed and pre-recorded filmed on the 28th of December.

Various officials gave the reason as a desire to not have so many drones overhead with crowds below. Also to ensure a good performance for the global TV audience.

Considering how common GPS jamming and spoofing are in China, they have reasons to be concerned. It would not have been the first time a show was spoiled by a jammer or spoofer.

Shanghai New Year drone display was pre-recorded

  • 3 January 2020

A spectacular drone display in Shanghai to mark the start of the new year did not actually happen at New Year, it has emerged.

The display of thousands of drones flying in formation over the city was widely covered by global media.

But people who were at the event on New Year’s Eve have said they saw nothing.

The company behind the display has confirmed to the BBC that the footage broadcast around the world was actually from a practice run on 28 December.

Footage of the impressive display was released to the world’s media by China’s state-run media.