Blog Editor’s Note: Another outstanding article below by Dee Ann Divis. A couple thoughts:

We are intrigued to see that the Department of Defense continues to grapple with its size, aspire to greater agility and creativity, and to look west to Silicon Valley. A perennial theme at the department, this version reminds us of 2014 when Secretary of Defense nominee Ashton Carter announced “I hate GPS” and made overtures to firms in Silicon Valley. – He didn’t really hate GPS, of course, he just had an appreciation of its vulnerabilities and how dependent DoD had become on it.

Some interesting quotes from the below article to whet your appetite:

“What we’re trying to do is develop alternative ways other than GPS,” Gen. John M. Murray, commander of Army Futures Command… 

“Reducing the number of GPS receivers installed or carried while tapping multiple PNT sources.”

“Our approach is that PNT does not equal GPS. PNT is more than just GPS.”

All good thoughts for the PNT community as we go into a new decade. Enjoy, and Happy New Year to all!


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