Blog Editor’s Note: We were very happy to see this headline. Apparently the Secretary made these remarks at the SINET conference in Washington, DC this week.

We have already heard some comments that hearing from the Secretary on this is good, but that little seems to have been done to date. For example, to the best or our knowledge, not a dime of the $10M Congress provided for a GPS backup technology demo last year has been spent.  

Yet it is important and significant when the boss speaks like this. DHS was fully consumed until this week ensuring the cyber-security of  the midterm elections. Now that they are over and the Secretary has spoke, we are optimistic that real things to Protect, Toughen and Augment GPS are in the works.  



Inside Cyber Security

Nielsen: Use of GPS technology among first ‘systemic risks’ to be handled by new DHS center

November 09, 2018 |

Mariam Baksh

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said use of the global positioning system, or GPS, will be one of the first “systemic risks” to be addressed by DHS’ new National Risk Management Center, in an effort to create a more strategic approach to defending against cybersecurity threats.

“A lot of us think about that when we use a GPS device on our phone, whether it’s Google maps or Waze, but that’s also what allows us to settle our bank accounts, it’s…

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