This is a great set of Q&A from “GPS World.” It lays out the case for the R&D budget requirements for protecting GPS from jamming. Some highlights – receiver manufacturers must now:

  • Include options for jamming. It is no longer something to simply consider. Note: there was no discussion of spoofing, a much more dangerous disruption.
  • Increase their investment in the design and integration of solutions that provide robustness/resilience.
  • Expect to expend an additional 50% for R&D for military and CI/KR, and 10%-20% for commercial.

And this is only the investment required for jamming mitigation. A moderately powerful signal will defeat any receiver by blocking the weak signals from space.

Another good question is what is needed for continuity of operations should the anti-jam investment not work.

Expert Opinions: OEM R&D budget for mitigation of jamming

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