Timekeeper – Individual Lifetime Membership




Life members receive the same benefits as year to year members, receive an RNT Life Member plaque and don’t have to worry about renewing each year.

Help Make the World a Safer Place

Consider how important navigation and timing services are to everyday life. Telecommunications, information technology, financial transactions, electric power distribution, transportation – all depend upon navigation and timing signals. Our goals of deterring jamming and spoofing while encouraging additional resilient services will protect critical infrastructure and make the world a safer place.

Membership & Participation Levels

Resilient navigation and timing is important to everyone. We welcome all who support the foundation’s goals as members at the “Timekeeper” level. For those who would like to support and help shape foundation policies and programs even more, our giving programs at the “Navigator,” “Founder” and “Harrison Society” levels provide those opportunities.
The RNT Foundation is a member-based, non-profit that protects critical infrastructure by:

  • Educating the public and government leaders about the importance and vulnerabilities of navigation and timing systems
  • Advocating for policies to deter spoofing and jamming
  • Encouraging development and implementation of resilient terrestrial systems

Memberships and donations fund our advocacy and outreach efforts through the Grant Writer Outreach program, Resilience Council, and other programs.