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Advocating for policies and systems to protect satellites, signals, and users

‘We need signals from space, terrestrial broadcast, and fiber’ – US DOT 2021

The RNT Foundation is a public benefit scientific and educational charity, 501(c)3

Protect the Frequencies – By preventing interference

Toughen Receivers – With readily available technology

Augment Services – With difficult to disrupt terrestrial signals

What to do? Some recommendations.

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Europe Renews its Bulletin About GNSS Interference – EASA

Europe Renews its Bulletin About GNSS Interference – EASA

Image: Shutterstock What's New: The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) updated its formal advisory about GNSS interference. The last one was November 2023, before Russia's expansion of jamming and spoofing into the Baltic region. Why It's Important: This seems to...

Army RFI for “Counter-PNT”

Army RFI for “Counter-PNT”

Image: Shutterstock What's New: The U.S. Army is asking industry about "... waveforms and techniques that limit the enemy’s ability to use PNT systems effectively." Why It's Important: America's adversaries and potential adversaries have and are continuing to develop...