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What’s New: Political officials in the Baltic speaking out about jamming and pinning the blame on Russia.

Why It’s Important: This is the first instance we know of wherein political appointees have spoken out and blamed Russia. This is an escalation in the response to almost four months of pretty intense jamming.

What Else to Know:


Russian GPS jamming threatens air disaster, warn Baltic ministers

Interference with navigation signals blamed on Moscow has forced two Finnish flights to turn around mid-journey

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Baltic ministers have warned that GPS jamming blamed on Russia risks causing an air disaster after the interference with navigation signals forced two Finnish flights to turn around mid-journey. The foreign ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all warned separately at the weekend of the dangers of GPS jamming across the Baltic Sea region, which has increased in recent weeks. On Thursday and Friday, two Finnair flights from Helsinki to the Estonian city of Tartu were forced by the GPS jamming to turn around and return to Finland as they were unable to navigate safely to their planned destination. “If someone turns off your headlights while you’re driving at night, it gets dangerous. Things in the Baltic region near Russian borders are now getting too dangerous to ignore,” Gabrielius Landsbergis, Lithuania’s foreign minister, told the Financial Times.