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What’s New: The auto industry seems to be coming more aware of the implications of GPS/GNSS vulnerability, especially as it pertains to autonomy, or even driver assist.

Why It’s Important: It is certainly a safety issue. And as the article says, without consumer confidence, the autonomy industry is going nowhere.

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Inside the Growing Threat of GPS Spoofing

A GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) industry specialist explains recent consumer views related to spoofing attacks and why they are a significant threat for automakers.

Manuel del Castillo | Dec 19, 2023

Software-defined vehicles have created a significantly more dynamic ecosystem than what the automotive industry had just a few years ago. With consumers increasingly seeking advanced connectivity features, automakers must align their technology with consumer needs, providing robust ecosystems that deliver integrated experiences.

However, this heightened connectivity also exposes vehicles to increased vulnerability to cyberattacks. As connected ecosystems evolve, it becomes imperative for the automotive sector to proactively identify and tackle these emerging challenges.

ADAS systems have developed rapidly in the past five years. Tesla’s Autopilot system pioneered consumers’ interest and enthusiasm for systems that enable hands-free driving, and most large OEMs have followed suit, developing ADAS systems that are increasingly used as key selling points to customers.