What’s New: GPSPATRON has released its report on this year’s Jammertest in northern Norway. The event this year focused on not just denial, but deception.

Why It’s Important: As GPS/GNSS use grows, so do the ways in which malicious actors try to interfere with it. Deception (spoofing & meaconing) can be especially dangerous. See recent reports of airliners being spoofed toward Iranian airspace, for example.

What Else to Know: 

  • In the real (i.e. not test) world, it is important to first know if attempts are being made to deny signals and/or deceive receivers. 
  • The lack of an interference detection system in the Jammertest area seems to have made itself apparent.
  • Great intro video at GPSPATRON’s site giving an overview of the event.



JammerTest2023. Test Report


In September 2023, GPSPATRON participated in Jammertest 2023, a campaign organised by Norwegian authorities to assess the impact of jamming and spoofing on satellite navigation systems. The campaign was held on the island of Andøya, Norway, a remote area where the organisers can interfere with the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal in a controlled environment. The campaign involved various tests and scenarios, such as high-power jamming, and sophisticated spoofing attacks.

We had two objectives:

  1. Testing our new GNSS interference classification algorithms for GP-Probe TGE2.
    In jammertest2022 we found that some types of GNSS jamming modulation lead to false positive spoofing triggering.
    We have now significantly improved our classification algorithms.
  2. Testing our new single channel detector – GP-Probe DIN L1.
  3. Testing the new implementation of the GP-Probe TGE2 for heavy weather conditions with an integrated GNSS antenna system.

This article is a detailed report on the testing of our equipment during the event. In this report, we focus on the following parameters for anomaly detection and spoofing classification:

  • Detection/classification latency
  • Recovery time after spoofing

The numbering of sections and subsections in this report is aligned with the official Testplan for the event “Jammertest 2023” (Transmission Plan).