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What’s New: Reports from Romania and aviation sensors demonstrate the breadth and impact of GPS jamming on a country not involved in conflict, but unlucky enough to be in the neighborhood.

Why It’s Important: 

  • The geographical are of impact for a particular jamming or spoofing attack can be difficult to predict. GPS and other GNSS use very weak signals so are easy to disrupt. Impacts will vary with the power of the jamming transmitter, its height above ground, surrounding terrain, the type of antenna and how it is used, etc.
  • The likelihood that non-belligerents will be impacted by such an attack is much higher that for other forms of conflict.
  • Being able to rely upon sovereign, non-space-based PNT is becoming increasingly important. See recent UK govt decisions.

What Else to Know:


23:30:31 EEST
Constanta, Romania

USER: We have often GPS outages, almost every night in this city, on all cell sites in this city, but tonight the outage/interference is reaching as far as 45.452324 28.034280, aprox. 160km from the sea, which seems to be the source of masking/interference or whatever is happening.