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What’s New: Ligado sought permission for terrestrial broadcast in Canada on frequencies adjacent to GPS and was denied. 

Why It’s Important: Canada’s action could influence the US FCC to reconsider its action and to respond to the seven Requests for Reconsideration.

The below is thanks to a colleague who has been tracking these issues and summarized them for us.

Canada has released its decision on Ligado, denying authorization for Ligado Canada.

The Ligado Decision has been published: ISED will deny authorization to Ligado Canada to operate ATC in the 1526-1536 MHz, 1627.5-1637.5 MHz and 1646.5-1656.5 MHz bands at this time. ISED’s expectation is that concerned parties will study the issue together to address the potential interference in a timely and cooperative manner.

Full Decision: :

From the decision

“38. As mentioned above, ISED strongly encourages the collaboration between concerned parties to assess the potential for interference from proposed ATC services in the 1525-1559 MHz band into GNSS receivers in the adjacent band. Such studies would certainly facilitate consideration of any future applications for ATC in the L-band. ISED understands that the GNSS industry and its users are aware of GNSS receiver performance issues in the L-band and encourages them to address these issues as quickly as possible to maximize the efficient use of the spectrum.”

39. ISED reiterates that the development of ATC in this band and other MSS frequency bands is still ongoing. As the development in these other frequency bands matures, ISED will consult more comprehensively on a review of RP-023.”