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Blog Editor’s Note: Kudos to four RNT Foundation corporate members who gave presentations today to the President’s National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Advisory Board.

In the order of presentation:

Patrick Shannon of Trustpoint spoke about “Leveraging a LEO Satellite Constellation for Accurate & Reliable PNT,”

Bryan Chan from Xona Space Systems presented “LEO PNT Constellation Progress & Technology Roadmap<“

Sam Matheny and Tariq Mondal from the National Assn of Broadcasters talked about “Broadcast Positioning System Using ATSC 3.0 TV Signals,” and

Judith Olson of Cold Quanta presented “Quantum-enabled PNT Technologies for the Future: A Focus on Next-Generation, Deployable, Atomic Clocks.”

Well done, all!

In addition to being able to see their slides by clicking on the links above, you can watch video of their presentations here. The video is of the entire day-long meeting. These presentations begin at 5:16:41 and go until the end of the recording. An excellent presentation by Ramsey Faragher from Focal Point Positioning on “Supercorrelation” is also included in this part of the recording.

You can watch day 2 of the meeting via a livestream here.