Time and navigation are inextricably intertwined. In fact, precise time is essential to most modern navigation and positioning systems. A number of our readers and members focus almost exclusively on the “T” in “PNT”.

So we thought we would pass along the below note from our colleague Dr. Leon Lobo at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory.

Sounds like this event will be the place to be for those in the business.

URSI GASS 2020 call for papers

Dear Colleague,

The International Union of Radio Science, URSI (http://www.ursi.org/homepage.php), will hold a General Assembly and a Scientific Symposium in Rome, Italy in August 2020 (https://www.ursi2020.org/). This is a big event held every three years and it usually attracts 1500 to 2000 participants.

The URSI is divided into 10 Commissions where Commission A is devoted to Electromagnetic Metrology (hhttp://www.ursi.org/commission.php?id=A). The scientific chairs for Commission A are Prof. Koyama Yasuhiro Japan and Prof. Nuno Borges Carvalho from Portugal.

Commission A consists of several sessions and Time Dissemination for Critical Applications is one of them. We, Dr. Leon Lobo from NPL in UK and Dr. Marina Gertsvolf from NRC in Canada are the conveners for this session.

The focus of the session is time dissemination methods, requirements and applications with acute demand for authenticity, traceability and accuracy at the level of milliseconds, microseconds and even nanoseconds.

In the past few years the need for traceable and accurate time dissemination at sub-millisecond and sub-microsecond levels has been fast growing. New technologies drive tight technical time synchronization demand followed by new regulations. In this session the papers will be focused on high accuracy time dissemination methods for the power industry (e.g. smart grids), wireless communications (e.g. LTE), financial sector and scientific applications (e.g. VLBI). The papers will address different dissemination methods (e.g. fibre, GNSS, MW) and solutions.

We invite you to contribute a paper and attend the conference. This is an exciting opportunity to share in the latest research in this fast growing field, meet colleagues and visit Rome!

Please note the deadline for submission of papers is Jan 31st 2020.

With best regards,

Marina Gertsvolf and Leon Lobo