Graphic: Harry Campbell

Blog Editor’s Note: RNTF provided several interviews for this article. It provides a good overview of jamming, spoofing, and the fact that Russia, China and others have terrestrial Loran PNT systems, while the US does not. 

It is another example of the success of RNTF’s education efforts over the last five years and how this issue is becoming more visible to the general public.

The majority of the article is behind a paywall but may be of interest to our readers nonetheless. 

GPS Is Easy to Hack, and the U.S. Has No Backup

At risk are airliners, electric grids, stock markets and other systems that rely on GPS to time their operations

On August 5, 2016, Cathay Pacific Flight 905 from Hong Kong was heading for an on-time arrival at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport when something unexpected occurred. The pilots radioed air traffic controllers and said they had lost GPS (Global Positioning System) guidance for the final eight miles to “runway right-24.”