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Blog Editor’s Note: In 2017 London Economics issued a report commissioned by the UK government on the economic impact of GNSS outage to the nation. Last month they issued a report for the Danish government on that nation’s economic vulnerability to GNSS. 

The report is worth reviewing for anyone interested in the topic as much of it is applicable regardless of where you live or what part of the world focuses most of your concerns.

A couple notes about it:

  • The executive summary and some tables at the beginning of the report are in Danish.  If you don’t read and understand Danish, not to worry. The body of the document is in English and we have asked for an English version to make available to our readers. If you are looking for a summary, we suggest you skip to the back to the Conclusions and Recommendations sections
  • There are some important assumptions and regional differences. Be sure to think about those as you review the report. The authors are pretty good about pointing those out (see for example the below table from the report), but readers have responsibilities also.  

We appreciate the openness of Denmark’s government making this report publicly available.