Chronos Technology

The European Commission has reported detecting over 140,000 unique electronic signatures of GPS/GNSS jammers during the limited sampling it has done on the continent.

While there are undoubtedly an equal or larger number of jammers operating in the United States, until recently the US government has shown little apparent interest.

“Inside GNSS” recently reported that the Department of Homeland Security tested equipment to detect, identify, and photograph vehicles that are apparently using GPS/GNSS jamming equipment.

The technology called “Jammercam” was previewed at the National PNT Advisory Board meeting in late June of this year before being deployed for the July DHS demonstrations and trials in Idaho.

Detecting and eliminating jamming is an important part of  the “Protection” part of our “Protect, Toughen, Augment” scheme to ensure the nation’s critical PNT services remain uninterrupted.