Image: SKAI Data Services

What’s New: Reports of aircraft spoofed near Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Why It’s Important: It is the first time we have seen it in these two places. It has been observed in other parts of China, and in Korea, but this is the first time in these major cities. Unlike spoofing elsewhere, there is no discernable reason for this activity.

What Else to Know:  

  • North Korea was recently observed spoofing aircraft for the first time. One of the first reports was from SKAI Data Services.
  • Motivations for other areas where there is a lot of spoofing going on are fairly easy to understand:
    • Ukraine – armed conflict
    • Middle East – armed conflict
    • Baltic – Russian objections to western weapons being installed in Poland and both Finland and Sweden joining NATO
    • North Korea – Military exercises by South Korea which the North claims crossed into their territorial sea
  • Circle spoofing was first observed in China, though not in Hong Kong. Suspected motivations were to hide illegal gravel mining in or near waterways, and to conceal shipments of oil subject to American financial sanctions.
  • SKAI Data Service operates a global spoofing display which links to aircraft and their flight plans. You can link to it from an icon on our home page or go to: