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What’s New: Interesting article highlighting navigation warfare in Israel/Gaza. Also, first we have seen in the press about Infinidome’s new model anti-jam antenna plug-in, GPS DOME 2.

Why It’s Important: The same things we have been seeing in Ukraine are, or course, playing out in the Gaza war. Over-reliance on GNSS being exploited, then countered. Likely as not both sides will continue to develop ways to adapt to the other’s efforts in a series of counter-counter moves.

What Else to Know: As with most reporting in this areas, the author has made a good effort to get things right. There are a couple things though, that members of the PNT community might say “yeah, not quite on that point.”

  • Like GPS signals being weaker at lower altitudes. Maybe technically and infinitesimally so, but not so it’s at all important. Maybe they were thinking of signals being blocked by trees or multi-path in urban canyons…
  • What nits can you pick?


GPS war: Israel’s battle to keep drones flying and enemies baffled

Tel Aviv (AFP) – Omer Sharar had just received the first delivery of his new GPS anti-jamming technology when Hamas militants attacked Israel on October 7.

Since then he and his team at InfiniDome, a start-up based in Caesarea, north of Tel Aviv, have been working around the clock to prevent the Israeli army’s mini-drones from being intercepted by cheap and simple jamming in Gaza.

Israel — one of the world’s main exporters of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — has for years waged a drone war along its borders, allowing it to monitor or target its enemies remotely with large, sophisticated airborne platforms.

During the war in Gaza, however, much smaller and cheaper drones, operated in far higher numbers, have come to the fore.

In recent years Hamas has developed its own arsenal of low-cost mini-drones equipped with explosive charges.

On October 7, the militants put these devices to use, evading detection and interception to drop bomblets on military observation posts along the security barrier around the Gaza Strip as part of its unprecedented attack that triggered the war with Israel.