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What’s New: Sweden’s military and civil defense leaders have warned the public about the possibility of war.

Why It’s Important: Russia has threatened to invade Finland and Sweden if they join NATO. Finland already has, and Sweden is on track to do so.

What Else to Know:

  • Sweden has not been in a war for 210 years. It is likely the whole idea is hard for most Swedes to comprehend
  • Russia is already attacking Sweden and Finland through electronic warfare.
  •  Russia has attacked other nations’ vessels on the high seas, and their aircraft in international airspace. It has attacked the homelands of NATO members like Finland and Poland.
  • Just because no one has yet died doesn’t mean these aren’t real attacks. Warfare is warfare.
  • Failure of imagination is one of a nation’s biggest threats. Think “Pearl Harbor” and “9-11.” (BTW – we think that opposition politicians often feel a duty to object to whatever folks in government say.)


Swedish alarm after defence chiefs’ war warning

By Paul Kirby BBC News

A warning to Swedes from two top defence officials to prepare for war has prompted concern and accusations of alarmism.

Civil Defence Minister Carl-Oskar Bohlin told a defence conference “there could be war in Sweden”.

His message was then backed up by military commander-in-chief Gen Micael Byden, who said all Swedes should prepare mentally for the possibility.

However, opposition politicians have objected to the tone of the warnings.

Ex-prime minister Magdalena Andersson told Swedish TV that while the security situation was serious, “it is not as if war is just outside the door.”