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We talked with Zach Clements at the University of Texas Radio Navigation Laboratory about this.

When he looked at the reports on ADS-B Exchange for one of planes that had been reported being spoofed into square patterns, he found they plotted out in a circle.

Very likely the reason they look like squares when viewed at has to do with that site’s GUI (graphic user interface).

Zach and the Univ of Texas Radionav Lab are always insightful and helpful. Thanks again, Zach!


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What’s New: Aircraft now being spoofed seeming to fly square patterns versus circular.
Why It’s Important: This is a new spoofing phenomenon that we haven’t seen before. We are not sure of its importance other than it being more evidence of the expanding ways GPS users can be deceived.
What Else to Know: We will be talking to smart folks at laboratories today to get their take. Watch this space for updates!

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In Smolensk the Spoofing GPS squares, I missed them… There appear to be changes in Smolensk, Black Sea and Baltic Sea in relation to GPS anomalies of various MOnster SPoofers and Jammers. #Jammer #Jamming #Spoofing #GPS #AIS #EW #ElectronicWarfare