Image: Foundation

What’s New: Adding to the extra jamming we saw in the Baltic over Christmas, we saw some extra on New Year’s Eve.

Why It’s Important: This helps demonstrate how easily GPS and other GNSS can be disrupted.

What Else to Know:

  • While there was also extra spoofing to the east, much of the extra jamming to the west over Christmas seemed to be centered on a point in the Baltic between Poland and Sweden.
  • Russian Navy vessels have jammed GPS and other signals as they transited the Baltic before.
  • The extra jamming was not evident the 30th or on New Year’s Day.
  • Speculation – Maybe a the captain of a Russian ship was cranky about being too late getting home for the holidays and decided to sow a little discontent as he transited to St. Petersburg. Then again, the interference pattern around St Petersburg changed also, so maybe they just relocated the transmitters temporarily for the day for some reason.