Image: In-Q-Tel

What’s New: In-Q-Tel being interested in PNT issues. The discussion of technology and policy issues in the videocast may be familiar to many of our readers.

Why It’s Important: In-Q-Tel serves the U.S. government intelligence and national security communities. An audience that has heretofore not seemed interested or concerned about such issues. – But then they are pretty enigmatic about most things, so its hard to tell. They certainly have not acted like they were interested or concerned.

What Else to Know:

  • In-Q-Tel, or IQT, was established in 1999 by the CIA to invest in promising technologies that could enhance the nation’s security. from their website:

IQT’s mission is to invest in cutting-edge technologies to enhance the national security of the United States. IQT focuses on the 15,000+ early stage venture-backed startup companies in the U.S. and select other countries. IQT also identifies and analyzes technologies in all stages of development that are critical to national security. IQT welcomes the submission of business plans for products and technology that can contribute to national security and is available to meet with U.S. private equity firms interested in investing in areas of national security interest.