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What’s New: A Ukraine-developed GNSS jamming system used for protection primarily against drones.

Why It’s Important: Navigation warfare – using, denying, spoofing, navigation systems – has become a prominent feature of modern combat. This is exemplified in conflicts in Ukraine and Israel.

What Else to Know:

  • The article says that all GNSS signals, including Russia’s GLONASS, are denied by the new system. This makes sense for a couple reasons:
    • Drones and other guided munitions can potentially use any of the GNSS. So better safe than sorry.
    • It is much easier to deny all GNSS signals, since they are in the same frequency band, than to deny signals from just one of the four systems.
  •  The effective range of the system is 600 meters. It must be a relatively low power system and intended just for anti-drone, then.
  • Jammers like this are relatively easy to build and easy to acquire ready-made. Interesting that Ukrainian officials made this announcement about developing a capability that has been commercially available for quite some time. Could be just wartime propaganda to help lift spirits…


In Ukraine, a successful test was conducted on a defense system that suppresses the Russian GLONASS

02 Nov, 2023
Ukrainians have created a unique electronic warfare complex to enhance defense capabilities. It suppresses satellite navigation systems, including the Russian GLONASS. Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science, and Technology Development, Mykhailo Fedorov, reported this development.
“Piranha AVD 360 is a unique electronic warfare complex designed to bolster our defense forces. This technology helps protect armored vehicles and personnel more effectively from hostile drones,” he explained.