Image: IATA and EuroControl

What’s New: A report by EuroControl to the U.N. International Committee on GNSS that found wherever commercial aircraft go, they find GPS/GNSS interference.

Why It’s Important: Interference with GPS can cause accidents and kill people.

  •  The report mentions two of several ways this is a problem for aviation safety
    • Pilots can no longer trust their instruments and are left wondering which is the correct information.
      • Note – at night and in clouds flight instruments are the only thing keeping the aircraft, crew and passengers in the air. Trying to fly without them in such conditions invariably leads to disorientation and crashes.
    • Pilots get distracted by lots of spurious alerts.
  • Other problems caused are aircraft coming too close to each other, emergency procedure information incorrect, increased pilot and air traffic control workload, All can lead to accidents.
  • A passenger aircraft nearly impacted a mountain near Sun Valley, Idaho because of GPS interference.

What Else to Know: