Image: CNBC/YouTube

What’s New: Growing concern that China’s BeiDou is technically superior to GPS and serves much of the world better.

Why It’s Important:

  • China is actively marketing and subsiding use of BeiDou over GPS for infrastructure around the world
  • China has a soft power advantage over the US,
  • China could be building the ability to access/alter/deny/control infrastructure of nations that adopt BeiDou.

What Else to Know:

  • The video is based on Sarah Sewall’s paper published by Harvard’s Belfer Center.
  • The President’s PNT Advisory Board has told the administration that:
    • BeiDou is technologically superior to GPS.
    • The administration should recognized the importance of PNT and build a resilient national PNT architecture
  • If the US did build a resilient national PNT architecture we could market that around the world. This would:
    • Make nations independent of China, the U.S. and space
    • Eliminate China’s soft power advantage with PNT
    • Prevent China from controlling international infrastructure.