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What’s New: An article by several authors from the European Commission discussing test results for technologies from seven different companies. 

Why It’s Important:

  • PNT services in use today are:
    • Essential to most every technology.
    • Sourced from GNSS and are vulnerable to a wide variety of threats.
  • The article shows official recognition of the problem and MAYBE the start of solutions in Europe.

What Else To Know:

  • Complementing GNSS can be as important as providing a backup. Properly integrated into a receiver, a complementary signal can improve accuracy and enable a user to keep tracking/re-acquire GNSS signals, in addition to providing info when GNSS is not available.
  • Establishing complementary and backup services can protect GNSS services by discouraging and deterring deliberate interference.
  • From the article “...there are viable alternatives to GNSS available in the commercial market today.”
  • The testing was not able to consider many alternative technologies. The article discusses two of these, R-Mode and eLoran.



Backing Up GNSS