What’s New: Recent tweet from John Wiseman about a disruption incident at the Panama Canal last August.

Why It’s Important: We could report nearly every day about GPS interference of some kind. Why go back to August and look at this one?

  • It lasted three weeks. Clearly a persistent problem, yet authorities did not have either the interest or ability to track it down and stop the interference sooner, if they did so at all.
  • It was at a major international maritime choke point. Yet the only reports were from aviation. Ship receivers were either not impacted or the impacts were not reported.
  • Despite the above, there wasn’t any press on this long lasting and interesting incident at the time.

Other Things to Know:

  • is operated by a group of enthusiasts on a volunteer basis. Led by John Wiseman, they provide valuable public information and education available no where else. Thanks, John & team!
  • Looking in the Jeppesen data base, we could find no record of any Notices to Air Missions being published.