We were very pleased to see our colleague from the U.S. President’s National Space-based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Advisory Board, Matt Higgins, appear on this year’s King’s Birthday Honours List receiving the Public Service Medal.

Matt is one of three non-US members of the Advisory Board.

Well done, sir!

Here is the citation:

Public Service Medal

Mr. Matthew Bryan HIGGINS

For outstanding public service to Queensland with international impact in the fields of surveying, geodesy and spatial sciences.

Mr. Matthew Higgins is recognised internationally for his expertise in Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT). He is the current president of the International Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Association and a member of the US Government National Space-Based PNT Advisory Board.

Mr. Higgins commenced his career in surveying in 1978 as a cadet surveyor. On retirement in 2022, Matt completed his 44-year career with the Department of Resources as Principal Survey Advisor of Geodesy and Positioning, recognised both nationally and internationally for his expertise in GNSS and the implementation of these technologies.

During his distinguished career with the Queensland government, Mr. Higgins worked across many roles in surveying, geodesy and the broader spatial sciences. His vision and innovation saw Queensland at the forefront in leveraging GNSS technology that not only improved the accuracy of the Queensland spatial reference systems but also transformed farming, mining and construction through the adoption of real time machine guidance and positioning.

Mr. Higgins represented Queensland on the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping Geodesy Working Group for more than 20 years and was instrumental in the development of the national standards for Australian geodetic datum definition and survey control networks.

Mr. Higgins was an early advocate for creating greater benefit from positioning infrastructure by seeking cooperation between government and industry investment. This is now a primary tenet of the federal Positioning Australia Program. His contributions to policy development, technical innovation and outreach around geodesy and positioning has directly led to earlier adoption, improved and more efficient use, and broader industry engagement regarding GNSS in Queensland. The result of which is reduced cost and more accurate spatial information to the Queensland community.