Image: Drone crash caused by GPS interference – UK Civil Aviation Authority

What’s New: First report we have seen about Ukraine using spoofing. To be expected, but now its in the open.

Why It’s Important:

  • It is an affirmation that this goes on all the time on all sides.
  • With the advent of software defined radios, spoofing GPS and other satnav signals has become cheaper and easier.
  • Interesting quote from article that has larger ramifications for all drone operators and operations:
    • “So actually, I believe like in three, four months, DJI will not be usable,” a Ukrainian drone specialist told The Guardian this month.


A new type of electronic warfare is bringing Russian drones crashing to the ground by fooling their guidance systems.

Radio-frequency jamming has become ubiquitous in Ukraine as both sides seek to prevent the other from using drones. Typically two type of electronic warfare are employed: generating radio noise to interfere with the control signal, making it impossible to pilot the drone, and blasting interference on GPS frequencies so the drone’s satellite navigation fails. Now a third technique has been observed: navigation spoofing.