What’s New: Even more interference with GNSS in the mid-east. – Go figure.

  • Note the reports of earlier instances of spoofing also.
  • We wonder if the impacts were only felt in aviation? No mention in the article. On the ground were Uber, Lyft still doing ok?

Why it’s Important: GNSS jamming and spoofing has always been both and offensive and defensive weapon. This case seems to be mostly defense, but it is hard to keep it from cutting both ways.

Bottom Line: GNSS is great, but it can be easily disrupted. If you really need precise time and electronic navigation, have alternate sources.

GPS Jamming in Israel Spikes Amid Regional Flare-up

Jamming of satellite-based navigation systems reached a six-month peak at the end of a week that saw Israel intercept an Iranian UAV and dozens of rockets from Lebanon, Syria, and the Gaza Strip, consequently interfering with the operation of planes in Israeli airspace

A sharp spike of satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) jamming was recorded in Israel and the eastern Mediterranean recently, following a week of violent flare-ups between Israel and various groups in Syria and Lebanon that included dozens of rockets being launched at Israel and one downed drone that crossed over from Lebanon.

An Iranian drone sent from Syria last Sunday evening entered northern Israeli airspace and was downed by Israel’s electronic warfare systems. The Israel Defense Forces had reported that the drone was shot down through electronic means and not by counter-air fire. Last Wednesday, some 16 projectiles were launched from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel and its surrounding border communities. These were followed in the early morning on Thursday by seven anti-aircraft missiles launched from the Gaza Strip which, according to the IDF, exploded in the air without hitting any aircraft.