Image: US Navy/DVIDS, DOD CIO John Sherman and USAF LGEN Robert Skinner

What’s New: The Department of Defense CIO said adversaries are going attack GPS on the first day of any conflict. Getting alternatives now is a high priority,

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Things to Know: 

  • The CIO also has a lot of other duties and PNT isn’t even listed on the office’s primary web page.
  • CIO  is supposed to coordinate DOD PNT efforts, but is not responsible for executing any.
  • Alternative PNT projects are scattered across the armed services. There is no day-to-day department-level management or leadership as might be found in something like a joint program office.
  • DOD GPS program officers and industry lobbyists have long opposed and obstructed systems they see as possibly threatening funding. 


Pentagon CIO places high priority on developing GPS alternatives with growing threat of great power conflict

The events that have unfolded over the last year in Ukraine have shown the need to accelerate the fielding of new technologies like GPS alternatives and other forms of satellite communications, John Sherman said.