Image: Shutterstock & USAF

The folks at GPSPatron used artificial intelligence programs to write the below article. It’s eerie how well it came out.

Perhaps it isn’t that policy makers don’t understand GNSS issues and needs, but rather they haven’t yet asked the questions of either organic or artificial intelligences…


GNSS Interference Monitoring and Classification for Critical Infrastructure Safety


This article is an experiment with new revolutionary technologies: Open AI Chart GPT-3 and MidJourney. The title, structure, content, and illustrations of this article were fully generated by artificial intelligence. While we guided the systems and directed them using recent industry news and a description of our system, we made no manual edits and simply copy-pasted the generated content.

Awesome outcome! AI is going to change our lives, hopefully for the better 🙂


Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) have become an essential part of our daily lives, providing precise positioning and timing information for a wide range of applications, including aviation, maritime navigation, financial services, and many others. However, the increasing reliance on GNSS has also made it a prime target for malicious actors looking to disrupt or manipulate the system. This is where GNSS interference monitoring and classification comes in.