Image: Navigation Outlook

We were greatly saddened today to hear of Dee Ann’s passing. She was a colleague and friend.

The write up for her 2012 Watchdog award said:

“Dee Ann Divis has recognized a threat to the general public, disruption of the GPS services that so many people have come to rely on. She has continued to report on this threat in her writings, demonstrating several requisite traits for watchdog journalists. She is alert, analytical, and persistent. She writes with a clarity that informs and is not misunderstood.”

Her insights and reporting will be missed by the entire PNT community.


Dee Ann Divis



During her prolific career, Dee Ann was the founder and editor of Navigation Outlook, which provided deep, original reporting on GPS and PNT technologies; editor of The Institute of Navigation (ION) newsletter, covering all aspects of PNT; freelance reporter for Al Jazeera covering commercial space, space exploration, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics, drones and other related areas of technology, policy and markets; Washington editor/founding editor of Inside Unmanned Systems, reporting on unmanned technology sectors, government programs, policy issues and technology advances; contributing editor for Inside GNSS magazine in which she wrote regularly about navigation-related policy issues impacting satellite systems; assistant managing editor for the Washington Examiner covering news operations for the metropolitan daily newspaper; Fellow for the Institute for Justice and Journalism; senior science and technology editor for United Press International; space section editor for, and editor for Aerospace Daily’s Space Business Today (McGraw Hill). Dee Ann’s extensive work is easily found with a Google search on her name.


Dee won numerous awards for her writing, including the Robert D.G. Lewis Watchdog Award in 2012, the highest journalistic honor awarded by the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. And the Dateline Award for Washington Correspondent twice (2012-2013).