Image: Jammerall Co.

Blog Editor’s Note: Our members often send us things like this. Sometimes we just can’t resist posting. 

If you are concerned we are spreading information that shouldn’t be out there – the bad guys and gals already know. We are trying to inform all the good guys and gals so they can understand the scope of the problem and protect themselves.

By the way, if you want something even more effective, try this Jammerall product:


Jammerall Co., Limited Update its Signal Jammer Collection

Leading provider of signal jamming devices and services, Jammerall Co., Limited, announces the addition of a wide range of cell phone jammers to its inventory

Customers of Jammerall Co. Ltd as well as individuals and organizations in need of a quality signal jammer will undoubtedly find the news coming from the company fascinating, following the announcement of an addition of different categories of top-notch devices and solutions to its offerings. Jammerall Co. Ltd is the go-to specialist for jamming devices, offering an unmatched collection of cellular jamming products ranging from low-cost portable units to high-spec industrial units.

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