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Blog Editor’s Note: Positioning with 5G has long been anticipated by many. It is great to see this next step. Such a capability could be a great component for autonomy, especially helping establish autonomous corridors early on.

All such efforts, though, will require a rock solid and coherent timing infrastructure.

We are not sure the U.S. and others are yet on a path to a timing architecture that will provide the required accuracy, availability, integrity, continuity, and resilience.

GMV, FrontierSI, Ericsson and Optus prove 5G-based high-accuracy positioning

September 25, 2022  – By 

Several companies are joining to demonstrate 5G LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP) capabilities in field trials. The trials are part of the 5G Positioning Testbed funded under the Australian 5G Innovation Initiative.

Technology partners include GMVFrontierSIEricsson and Optus, who are joining with industry demonstration partners Kondinin GroupPlatfarm (a precision agriculture company) and Position Partners.

The results achieved by the project are considered a key step forward for the use of 5G technology for high-accuracy positioning.