Blog Editor’s Note – A couple of items from that should be of interest to everyone who thinks about space.

Should also of interest to anyone who relies upon space-based services. Which would be… just about everyone.

The first item is about recent solar activity that interfered with some services in some locations around the planet. 

The second is about what to expect. It features Scott McIntosh, a solar physicist and deputy director of the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research at the University of Colorado. When almost everyone else in the scientific community predicted a quiet solar cycle, Scott predicted a very active one. Perhaps the most active in recorded history. And it is looking like he was right.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Scott a couple times. You can tell he really knows his stuff. It is no surprise he got it right when most others got it wrong.

Scott says solar activity is just getting warmed up (pun intended) for the cycle peak in 2025. – We ain’t  seen nuthin’ yet. 

Not to worry, though. Nothing bad has happened in our lifetimes, so clearly nothing bad is going to happen to us going forward.

What could possibly go wrong?



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