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Blog Editor’s Note: Our colleague Ramsey Faragher posted about this site on Linkedin the other day. 

It is all based on ADS-B reports collected by enthusiasts. The data for the previous 24 hours is displayed on a rotatable globe. Historical information for the few months the site has been up can also be viewed. Just go to the calendar on the upper left of the page.

Is the information complete? No. It doesn’t claim to be (check out the FAQs).

It only shows data the hobbyists were able to collect. There are large parts of the world not covered. Ukraine, for example. There might be some jamming going on there. We are guessing most commercial aircraft are avoiding overflying Ukraine.

Is it useful? We think so. It provides a very impactful graphic that can help educate. 

We found some of the areas that seem to often be red interesting.

We have seen periodic reports from northern Norway about Russian jamming, but this site seems to show it is pretty much an everyday occurrence.

And we expect GPS interference in Moscow and the eastern Mediterranean. But what is with Istanbul, Ankara, Armenia, and Mosul? 

Also an interestingly consistent area over the water just to the east of Tripoli where there is a lot of oil and gas production.

Thanks to John Wiseman for putting this together, and to all the hobbyists who contributed!

Click here or on image to go to site display for 12 Aug: