Image: Global Sources

Blog Editor’s Note: Happy Saturday! Periodically we share some of the advertisements we and our members receive of devices like this. 

As you will note, this one is targeted at 5G. Upon closer inspection you will see that, yes, GPS is one of the 18 bands also jammed. 

And all this for only $1 US! Such a bargain. They probably hit you big for shipping, we are going to guess.

Point is jammers are mass produced, cheap, and widely available. 

Would be nice if we had some protection against them like:

  • An FCC that had a well staffed and aggressive enforcement arm (we know some great folks at FCC enforcement, but they are way under resourced and appreciated).
  • Laws that allowed all law enforcement officers to take action against this kind of dangerous activity, which, let’s face it, could get people killed and are being used to perpetrate criminal acts.
  • Alternative ways to get navigation and timing when GPS wasn’t available.

We aren’t going to link you to their site, but you can take our word for it – this company sells dozens of similar devices, including a 40W manpack.