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Blog Editor’s Note: A great report from JNC by GPS World Editor, Matteo Luccio.

And it is an affirmation that, if there is interest by government, industry is eager to respond and provide.

Now, if we can move along from talking about it to actually doing something…



Complementary PNT Takes Center Stage

July 14, 2022  – By 

Matteo Luccio

Of the 60 exhibitors at the Institute of Navigation’s Joint Navigation Conference (JNC) in San Diego this year, 16 make inertial navigation systems (INS). Many of the other exhibitors integrate INS with GNSS receivers or make simulators to test those integrations. Several exhibitors make a variety of other navigation systems, using active and passive optical sensors, wheel encoders and RF systems that map beacons of opportunity. Only seven manufacturers of GNSS receivers were present.