Image: Inmarsat

Blog Editor’s Note: Interesting poll by Inmarsat of the general public about individuals’ perceived self-knowledge of and attitudes toward space. 20,000 people across 11 different countries participated.

We took a couple courses about how to do surveys in grad school. The way a poll is conducted can really affect whether the results are of any use or not. We have LOTS of questions about how questions were aske, how they came across in different languages, the differences between self-perception and objective knowledge, the way participants were chosen, etc.

Despite all these potential shortfalls, though, the report is thought provoking. Usually a good thing. 

For example, it says a majority of people think that space-based weather/climate and telecom services are more important than GPS/Satnav. Hmmmm…

Thanks to Tracy Cozzens and “GPS World” for the article on this.


Report: ‘What on Earth Is the Value of Space?’

July 6, 2022  – By 

Image: Inmarsat

Almost half of respondents are aware of GPS and satellite navigation. (Image: Inmarsat)

Inmarsat has launched a report “What on Earth is the value of space?” that surveys public attitudes towards space.

The satellite company spoke to 20,000 people in 11 countries across the globe to uncover their perceptions of space, what happens “up there” and how they think it impacts life here on Earth.