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Blog Editor’s Note: Our faithful readers probably know most or all of this already. But it is sometimes good to see things all in one place.

The below article is a good reminder that the need for resilient PNT goes way beyond critical infrastructure.

If you are old enough to remember Bill Clinton’s campaign for president “It’s the economy, Stupid!” – Yeah, that.



Why Precise PNT Matters to Businesses?

The Ultimate Guide to PNT-based Business Models

From tracking how long our food will take to be delivered to ensuring our e-hailing vehicle arrives at the right side of the road — these are some of the common services that we take for  granted today. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) could  be the most under-appreciated technology of our time, but it is gradually becoming the most valuable commodity for consumer businesses worldwide.

The future of services in the ever-evolving digital and connected world revolves around one word: precision.

Whether we are talking about ride-hailing, food delivery, last mile, or even the stock market, all these services require a high degree of positioning and timing accuracy to ensure maximum operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) transmits position and time information from satellites to Earth, providing accurate positioning for navigation and geolocation.