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Blog Editors’ Note: This is the kind of thing we wouldn’t ordinarily spread further around cyberspace. But our readers are pretty savvy PNTers. And it is always good to remind ourselves that there are folks out there banging this kind of “privacy protection” drum. And selling very affordable jamming equipment!

We would not be all surprised if the folks behind the GISuser site weren’t the same ones selling the jammers.

Folks will remember the EU looked at this problem a few years ago and found hundreds of thousands of disruption events. Most were deemed accidental, but about 10% were judged intentional. And they identified 300 jammer “families.”  Hard to say if that means 30 manufacturers with 10 product lines each, or what. Suffice it to say that almost anyone who wants a jammer can probably get one.

For GPS signals, it’s a dangerous world out there!



GPS jammers – what they are and why they are needed

GPS and GLONASS jammers are essential devices used for frequency jamming in the 1500-1600 MHz band. Use of such devices allows you to create noise and avoid tracking by GPS and GLONASS.

How GPS jammers work?

It will be impossible to determine the location, because jamming is generated on the frequencies used by GPS trackers with 1575.42 MHz band and GLONASS with 1602 MHz band.Jamming devices do not affect the signal from the satellite, as it is sometimes mistakenly assumed, but jam the signal of the tracker itself. Wherever you are, the enabled GPS jammer allows you to remain completely unnoticed by those who are trying to follow you.