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Blog Editor’s Note: We have written before about how far ahead China is establishing a robust multi-system architecture of PNT to support its tech and protect its society.  

Constellations at LEO, MEO, and GEO, precisely measured fiber, terrestrial broadcast with LF eLoran, future use of 5G…

The article compares the Chinese Geely effort to Musk’s Starlink in the U.S. But Starlink is comms only and, as far as we know, efforts to use it for PNT are still in the R&D stage.



Geely Launches Nine Navigation Satellites

240-satellite constellation planned

Long March 2C launched nine Geespace satellites into low Earth orbit that will support navigation and autonomous driving for automaker Geely.  The satellites, part of a future 240-satellite Geely Future Mobility Constellation, will provide centimeter-accurate precise positioning and connectivity support for the automaker, the company said.

Geely is trying to mirror another auto company, Tesla [TSLA.O], in its efforts to launch satellites and provide services.  However, Geely has a long way to go as Tesla, through its SpaceX entity, has more than 2,000 satellites in orbit for its Starlink network.