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Blog Editor’s Note: Good article.. What more can we say?  

It must be the time of year to think about Resilient PNT. Last week was a semi-annual meeting of the President’s Space-based PNT Advisory Board (click to access video and slides). 

And this week saw the Geospatial World Forum reported on below, and Defense Strategies Institute’s Assured PNT Summit, which I was pleased to moderate.

Very glad to see more and more focus on this important topic.


Resilient PNT is critical, industry experts say

May 12, 2022  – By 

As PNT becomes critical to more economic activities, any disruption in availability, reliability, resilience and integrity would weaken the critical infrastructure that sustains national security, business operations and public safety, according to experts speaking at the Geospatial World Forum.

This growing dependency on PNT services — and the potentially high economic cost of vulnerabilities — underscores how vital GPS and GNSS systems are to the global economy and national security of countries worldwide, the experts said. Resilient PNT systems are necessary to combat GPS/GNSS outages.