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Blog Editor’s Note:  The RNT Foundation has previously signed with the Open PNT Industry Alliance urging Congress to fund these important initiatives.

We join the alliance now in urging the Department of Transportation to contract for commercial PNT services to meet the requirements of the law.

As we have said, before, though, the amount of money provided in the current fiscal year (which is more than half over) hardly seems enough for all the studies and standards development the appropriation requires. We are concerned that there will be little, if any, left for actual services that could make Americans safer. 

That is why we are encouraging members of Congress to make a larger appropriation for the fiscal year beginning 1 October of this year.



Open PNT Industry Alliance advocates for alternative PNT in Appropriations Act

May 2, 2022  – By 

Open PNT logoThe Open PNT Industry Alliance (OPIA) issued a statement regarding the recently approved U.S. Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations Act. The alliance advocates for support of alternative positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services.

In its statement, the 21 corporate members express support for the funding provided to the Department of Transportation to pursue alternative forms of PNT.