By Dee Ann Divis

A judge will soon hear arguments in a refiled, $6 billion lawsuit alleging Apollo Global Management and others committed fraud by concealing information about the risk of interference to GPS receivers from a proposed wireless network planning to use spectrum adjacent to GPS frequencies.

Harbinger Capital Partners and other plaintiffs first filed the suit in December 2017. Harbinger had invested in, and then fully acquired from Apollo, the firm SkyTerra with a plan to repurpose SkyTerra’s satellite frequencies and use its technology to develop a nationwide ground-based wireless network. The plaintiffs alleged in their 2017 complaint that Apollo and other defendants knew as early as 2001 that SkyTerra’s plan would overload and “be fatal to the millions of GPS devices already in use, many of which are critical to the national infrastructure and already widely used for aviation, safety, defense, and research purposes across the country.”

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