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Blog Editor’s Note: We see regular claims that GPS isn’t essential. That different modes of transportation have alternate ways of navigating. All true.

Yet when GPS equipment isn’t working on a passenger aircraft, the flight is delayed until the malfunction is repaired. And vessels might not sail, especially at night and in foggy weather. 

We doubt companies like UPS and FedEx would send a delivery truck out without an operating GPS receiver supporting the software that defines optimal routes. And companies like Uber and Lyft would be out of business entirely.

With increased automation and efficiencies, crew sizes are often reduced, skills change, and the technology that was once an enhancement becomes a necessity. Even if not an absolute necessity, it becomes part of the “duty of care.” In other words, why take the additional risk if you can wait and go when the equipment works or the signals are restored? 

BTW – This is not the first time for this NATO exercise off Scotland and for concerns about the fishing fleet.


Fears over Scots fishing boat safety posed by major NATO exercise

By Martin WilliamsSenior News Reporter

THE MINISTRY of Defence has been urged to carry out an immediate review after fishermen lodged “significant” safety complaints over one of the largest military exercises of its kind in Europe taking place off Scotland’s west coast.

They are concerned that vessels are receiving little warning for Global Positioning System (GPS) signals to be jammed as part of the major multinational NATO ‘war games’ exercise causing navigation issues and what they describe as a “significant” risk to vessels.