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Blog Editor’s Note:  Great article with some interesting background.  And more widely applicable. Just remove “connected car” from the title and substitute, well… just about anything, and it should still work.  “President Biden, we urge you to protect GPS satellites and the… electrical grid… the network… delivery services…” – you name it.

In truth, though, a lot of the easiest fill-in-the-blanks are transportation related. That’s why DOT has long had the rose pinned on them for civil PNT.  

And yes, as is reported in this article, PNT is infrastructure!  Critical infrastructure! – Can someone in government say that out loud, please?



Cybersecurity Experts Push President Biden To Protect GPS Satellites And The Connected Car

Sometimes when you exclaim the sky is unprotected, they mentally label you as Chicken Little and ignore your alarms. Or sometimes they might believe your warnings yet quietly follow the group inertia that’s the cornerstone of groupthink.
Such is the tale of Lisa Donnan, an internationally recognized expert in cybersecurity and operating partner at Option3 Ventures, and Julian Gresser, the former advisor to the U.S. State Department and World Bank and co-founder of The Balance Group. They have vigorously waved the Caution Flag regarding an insecure, trusted, non-critical infrastructure (satellites) communicating to a trusting non-critical infrastructure (vehicles) that could disrupt a vast network of highways, bridges and tunnels that are recognized as critical infrastructure.